Les Hay Babies


    The Hay Babies are an indie-folk-country band made up of three girls, all with
    colourful personalities, all hailing from New Brunswick. Katrine, Vivianne, and Julie intertwine their inflections to create a flamboyant atmosphere, cooking up their own unique folk recipe.

    Following their first EP Folio, released in 2012, their full-length album Mon Homesick Heart came to light in April 2014, and saw the group joined by several leading lights.

    Produced by François Lafontaine (Karkwa) and recorded by Mathieu Parisien (Arthur H), Mon Homesick Heart is a debut album with deep moods and rich sonic textures, thanks to the visceral guitar of Joe Grass (Patrick Watson) and Mico Roy (Les Hôtesse d’Hilaire), the vibrant drums of José Major (Marie-Pierre Arthur), and masterful basslines delivered by Mishka Stein (Patrick Watson).

    As well as being grand prize-winners of Francouvertes 2013 and recipients of several prizes at the Vue Festival thereafter, all three artists were winners at the Accro competition organized by the Fédération des jeunes francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick, in 2009 and 2010. More recently, they won the Edith Butler Prize at the Gala des mérites hosted by SPACQ (Société professionnelle des auteurs et compositeurs du Québec), and garnered many nominations at the latest ADISQ Gala.