What is AREA 506?

Well, AREA 506 exists to celebrate everything New Brunswick. It’s the music we make and the music we listen to. It’s the culture that surrounds us and that makes us who we are. It’s the amazing art, craft, goods and services that are created right here at home. Since 2016, AREA 506 has brought all of these things together to create engaging experiences and engaged New Brunswickers.

Are you doing a Festival this year?

Yes, we are. You can buy tickets and everything!

So when is it?

As always, it’s on the New Brunswick Day long weekend. This year, that’s July 29 to July 31.

Where is it?

This year is exciting, because it’s the first year we’ll be popping up beside our shiny new Waterfront Container Village. The AREA 506 Festival will take place at Pugsley Terminal, immediately adjacent to the AREA 506 Waterfront Container Village at 85 Water St. and continuing to Pugsley Slip.

Who’s playing this year?

This year’s lineup is loaded with 19 bands, headlined by Arkells, The Glorious Sons, Sloan, Mother Mother, The Trews and more – full details are available here.

How much are tickets?

Well, there are loads of options – everything from single day tickets to Ultra VIP weekend passes. Just keep in mind that all pricing is plus tax & fees! Check out all of the details here.

Is AREA 506 an accessible event?

Yes, for sure. The site is recently paved and relatively flat to help with getting around, and we’ve done our best to create space for anyone with mobility challenges.

What’s included in VIP tickets?

VIP tickets include access to a preferred viewing area to the side of the stage that provides great sight-lines, the viewing deck, dedicated washrooms and VIP bar access.

And pods. Last year, I really liked the pods. Are there pods?

Yes, we’ve made a select number of pods available within the VIP area because we heard that you really liked the pods. Pods are 10’ x 14’ and can hold up to ten people comfortably – they include all VIP amenities, plus assigned seating. Think of it like your own little party cabana.

Can I bring a chair? Last year I could bring a chair.

Sorry, no chairs. We’ll have some seating options available around the concert site, and seating will be provided in the VIP pods. If you need to take a break from the action, you can also visit the Container Village where you’ll find additional seating options.

Wait, what? I’m confused. There’s a general VIP and general admission? And pods?

Yes, there’s a GA section and a VIP section. Within the VIP section, there are some pods, along with the regular standing room.

How are you dealing with COVID-19 in 2022?

We always do our best to create an event and experience that is comfortable and safe. Our commitment is to align with Public Health directives and, at this time, no specific COVID-19 operational plan is required. We’d encourage all attendees to use their best judgement to make themselves and those around them as comfortable as possible.

How early can I show up to party?

Easy, now! Pace yourself! But if you must know, doors open on Friday at 6PM and Saturday and Sunday at 2PM. The first bands will go on shortly after.

When does my favourite band go on?

Well, that depends — who’s your favourite band? Set times are below, but your pass works all day. Come when the gates open and check out a band that you don’t know that well — some people have even discovered new favourites that way!

Saturday Lineup
Sunday Lineup
What happens if it’s windy/rainy/the weather is less than perfect?

It’s a rain or shine event – nobody’s made of paper, and the show will go on as long as it’s safe. May we recommend weather-appropriate attire’? Ask your mom for details — she’ll know what to do.

Pro Tip: get one of those ponchos, and be sure to get a clear one so everyone can still see your fit.

Are crazy hats and outfits allowed?

Uh, YES. Some might even say that they’re encouraged’.

What happens if someone decides to streak?

Great question. Our research says that it’s best to just let them go and hope that they head for the exit, but we’ll need to wait and see, I guess.

I’ve been watching a lot of X-Men movies & it’s made me generally scared of metal. Should I attend?

Probably not, to be honest. The venue’s literally surrounded by metal sea cans.

Can I volunteer?

Absolutely yes. Check out the Contact’ section and fill out the form. We’ll touch base with details.

Is there re-entry into the site?

Yes, you can re-enter with your ticket and a wristband.

What’s available for food?

OH MAN, have we got food options! Some healthy & some less healthy food truck options will be available on-site, open all night!

Where can I stay in Saint John?

Lots of places! Our first suggestion is always with our friends at the Delta Saint John, but there are lots of other options – try the hotel tool at Discover Saint John here.

Where can I park?

There is no specific dedicated parking, but there Uptown Saint John has lots of available parking options. Even better, you can leave your car at home, check out the public transit options through our friends at Saint John Transit and take the ANBL SAFE RIDE home.

I mean, this sounds pretty good, but I’m a chronic complainer. Can you suggest an online community where I can really let loose?

You’re probably looking for a newschaser group, or the comment section of a CBC article. Twitter’s great for that too — tag us! @area506fest

Can I bring my pets?

Well-behaved pets are welcome in the Waterfront Container Village (with a leash) but unfortunately, we need to push back on any furry/​fluffy/​scaly friends in the licensed, ticketed area. Unless they have their own ticket, maybe?

Do I have to be 19 to attend the Festival?

Nope! This experience is open to anyone, and if you’re under the age of 12, you can even attend for FREE as long as you’re with your grown-up! Everyone receives a wristband on entry to identify those under the age of 19. The only exception is the VIP area — that’s only for those 19+.

How much does it cost to attend AREA 506? Can you boil it down?

Happy to. You can purchase passes for the Weekend (best deal!) or for individual days. You’ve got your General Admission passes, or (if you’re 19+) VIP passes. Within the VIP section, you can either buy a single pass OR get yourself a pod that can hold up to ten people. 

Do those prices include tax and fees?

No. All pricing is + tax & fees.

What do you mean by “+”?

Plus. Like, in addition to’.

What can I bring with me? I don't travel light.

OK, but for real, how much stuff do you even need for one day? You can bring a reasonably-sized bag with you — security will check it at the gate. Bring a sweater — it’s the waterfront, it’ll get chilly at night. You can bring one (sealed) bottle of water and your (empty) refillable water bottle to use at the refill station.

Things you’ll want to leave at home: folding chairs, umbrellas, the aforementioned pets, and bad vibes.

What’s this about Early Bird tickets?

Oh, see now you’re paying attention. We’ll make a limited number of Early Bird weekend passes available, specially priced for early supporters. 

How many people does a pod hold?

All pods are in the VIP section, are 10’ x 14’ in size and can accommodate up to 10 people. They’ve got some seating in them. They’re pretty good! Reminder: the VIP section is reserved for those 19+.

Do you guys accept Bitcoin?



Also no. Does anyone?

If I buy a ten-person pod, do I HAVE to have ten people in the pod?

Nope, you can have five. Nine. Four. Two. Even just yourself if you wanna treat yourself. You do you.

If I purchase a VIP 10-person pod, how do I get the money from my friends?

Hmmm, how about courier? They’re bonded, it’s safe, it just depends how long you want to wait. What about one of those Harry Potter owls? That might be faster. We’ve also heard stories from long ago of people going to banks, making withdrawals, and then paying their friends with actual cash. Or, you could send an e‑transfer. There’s options, just ask around. Do you want their Dogecoin?

If I buy a ten-person VIP Pod, am I going to need information about the other people in my pod when I purchase?

Nope. Your purchase will give you 10 tickets, and you can distribute them how you like.