Frequently Asked Questions

What is AREA 506?

Well, AREA 506 exists to celebrate everything amazing about New Brunswick. It’s the music we make and the music we listen to. It’s the culture that surrounds us and makes us who we are. It’s the amazing goods, services, and products that are created right here. Since 2016, AREA 506 has brought all of these things together to create engaging experiences and engaged New Brunswickers.

Do you have information on pricing?

Yes, there’s a whole load of stuff WAY down this page.

What’s included with VIP tickets?

VIP Pods include the best seats and pod locations, dedicated washrooms and padded picnic tables – no need to bring your own seat!

So… do I need to bring my own seat?

No seats required if you’re in the VIP – picnic tables are provided. If you’re in a standard 6 or 10-person pod, you are allowed one pop-up chair per person.  If you’re not familiar with pop-up chairs, ask a friend who’s a camper and/or backyard warrior.

Where does AREA 506 take place?

This year’s Waterfront Concert Series takes place on Long Wharf, located just off the corner of Smythe St and Station St on the Saint John Waterfront.

When does it all happen?

The concert series kicks off on Friday, July 16 and runs every Friday and Saturday until mid-August.

How are you dealing with COVID-19 stuff?

Our approach through the entire planning process has been to over-engineer the experience to ensure attendees are comfortable and safe. You can review our comprehensive COVID-19 action plan   – the following key points are those that will impact everyone:

  1. Interaction will be contained to those within your pod
  2. Access to washrooms is pre-determined and it will be very clear which washroom is allocated to your pod
  3. All drink and food service is facilitated through your mobile phone – we encourage everyone to order in advance
  4. Hand sanitizer will be provided at each pod and we encourage all attendees to use it
  5. A statement of vaccination will not be required
  6. Masks are required upon arrival at the gate, and must be used until attendees are in their pod and anytime they leave. Masks must be used when going to the washrooms.
  7. Security and volunteers will be masked and readily available to answer questions or support attendees.
  8. We’ve all got a role to play to make this a success – let’s have fun, but let’s be responsible!

Have you spoken to government people?

That’s a great question!  The amazing folks at GNB have a pretty great process to provide COVID-19 operational plans, and we’ve been working closely with them to ensure all of our bases are covered to present a safe and responsible series of events.  We’ve also had discussions with representatives from municipal and federal government, and it’s fair to say we’re all pretty excited with the plan.  Obviously, things can change at any minute, but sometimes you just gotta roll with what you know.

Is the Waterfront Concert Series an accessible event?

Yeah, for sure.   We have allocated space at the front of the site for parking, but make sure to have your parking permit!  The site itself is relatively flat, and we’ve done our best to create enough space for anyone with mobility issues.

How early can I show up to party?

We have scheduled doors to open three hours before the programming starts in an effort to spread out arrivals – feel free to show up early, take in some pre-recorded music and enjoy a beverage! If you pre-order, we’ll even have it waiting for you.

When does my favourite band go on?

Well, that depends on who your favorite band is, but here’s a good guideline for each show:

  • Gates: 5PM
  • Opening Act: 8PM
  • Headliner: 9PM

What happens if it’s windy or rainy or the weather is less than perfect?

It’s a rain or shine event – nobody’s made of paper, we’ll be putting on a show as long as it’s safe.

Are crazy hats and outfits allowed?


What happens if someone decides to streak?

Yeah, great question.  We’ve been told that it’s likely best to just let them go and hope that they head for the exit, but we’ll need to wait and see I guess. And they’ll need a mask.

Is this where the pricing information is?

No no, just a little further.  Keep scrolling.

What’s the current vaccination rate?

You’re looking in the wrong place.  Check out this site for an update.

I’ve been watching a lot of X-Men movies & it’s made me generally scared of metal. Should I attend?

Probably not, to be honest. It’s literally wrapped in metal sea cans.

Can I volunteer?

Yeah, probably. Check our Contact section for details.

Is there re-entry into the site?

Once you’re in, you’re in. Your ticket can only be scanned once.

So how’re people going to go for darts?

Well, it’s a public space so there’s no smoking allowed onsite or within 9 metres of the entrance.  Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, but do it before you arrive. Remember, there’s no re-entry and your ticket can only be scanned once.

What about food? Please tell me I can bring food in.

You can absolutely bring food in, but let’s be reasonable. You show up rolling a BBQ like it’s the Superbowl? Not gonna happen.  A little crackers & cheese – for sure, but if you’re packing a Crocodile Dundee-kinda knife in your bag, that’s not gonna fly either.  Use your common sense. Your bag will be searched at the gate.

Beverage-wise, you’ll be allowed one (unopened) bottle of water in your bag. We’ve got tonnes of beverage options in our online bar to choose from. Keep scrolling for some more Food & Drink FAQs.

Where can I stay in Saint John?

Lots of places! Our first suggestion would be with our friends at the Delta Saint John, but there are lots of other options – check out the hotel tool at Discover Saint John here.

Where can I park?

Our friends at TD Station have been kind enough to let attendees park in their lot, subject to availability, after 5pm on Friday and anytime on Saturday. If your plans involve visiting more of Uptown Saint John, there is plenty of street parking in the area.

I’m a chronic complainer. Can you suggest an online community where I can really let loose?

You’re probably looking for a news chaser group, or the comments section of a CBC article. Twitter’s great for that too – tag us at @area506fest

Can I bring my pets?

No, unfortunately we need to push back on our furry and scaly friends for this year – it’s just that we need to minimize walking around and those guys and girls need to poop and pee A LOT.

Do I have to be 19 to attend the Waterfront Concert Series?

A: Not at all.  This experience is open to anyone, and if you’re under age of 12, you can attend for free as long as there are fewer than 15 total people in any pod.

Food & Drink FAQs


Tell me about the bar.

Well, it’s basically table service. You’ll place an order for drinks, snacks, and even merch using your mobile device, and a friendly volunteer from the United Way will bring it to you in your pod! (Here’s where we also remind you that all tips collected go directly to the United Way)

You can even pre-order your first round (or stock your pod for the evening!) up to a week ahead of time and have it waiting for you on ice when you arrive. Click here or visit to browse the menu.

You’ll find loads of options from event partners Moosehead (buckets of beer!) and 19 Crimes (bottles of wine!) not to mention a great selection of NB-brewed craft beer. We’ve got mixed spirits from Blue Roof Distillers, local cider, hard seltzers, and lots of non-alcoholic options like Maritime-produced Libra craft beer, locally-made CocCoLemon Classic Lemonade, pop and water.

We’ve also got a huge selection of chips from Covered Bridge and pizza from Vito’s to pre-order.

No tokens, no cash. You don’t even have to get out of that seat that you brought with you [scroll up to see the FAQ about bringing chairs if this is new news]


Yep. You can pre-order pizza until 4:00 pm on the day of your show, and those same friendly United Way volunteers will bring it to your pod when it arrives from Vito’s starting at 8:00 pm.

Can't I just go to the bar when I get to the show?

There is no walk-up bar. All orders will be placed using the online service, but you’ll have full instructions in your pod – it’s easy, we swear.

Honestly, your best experience will be to visit the site now to set up your account so that you don’t have to pull out your credit card at the show. You can place your order for this weekend at the same time, or just have things set up and ready to go. Hit us up at if you have any questions.

I have AREA 506 beer tokens from past years. How does that work?

Due to COVID restrictions, the bar operations will be run differently than AREA 506 events in the past and unfortunately, we can not accept AREA 506 tokens from 2019 until the festival returns in 2022.




Pricing & Pod FAQs


I’m confused about ‘pods’ and I’m having a tough time with the pricing. Please explain.

Happy to. You have two standard ticket options, and one VIP ticket option.  Standard tickets are $69 each and you can buy them in pods of six ($414 = 6 x $69) or ten ($690 = 10 x $69).  Two standard ticket options.  VIP tickets are $99 each and you can buy them in pods of ten ($990 = 10 x $99).  All pricing is + tax & fees.

Do those prices include tax and fees?

No.  All pricing is + tax & fees.

What do you mean by “+”?

Plus. Like, “in addition to”.

So, can I buy a single ticket?

C’mon, you.  The Series is a pod thing because it’s 2021 and that’s what we have to do. Tickets are sold in six and ten pack pods.

If I buy a six-person pod, do I HAVE to have six people in the pod?

You can have five.  Four.  Two.  Even just yourself if you wanna make it rain & treat yourself.  You do you.

How big is this pod?

10-person pods are 14′ x 10′ and 6-person pods are 10′ x 10′

Does $69 get me into all ten concerts?

No.  Each concert is priced individually, there are no weekend or full-series passes.

Are there weekend passes?


Are there full series passes?


Do you guys accept Bitcoin?



Also no. What even is that?

If I make the purchase for my group, how do I get the money from my friends?

Courier, maybe? They’re bonded, it’s safe.  A little slow, maybe.  We’ve also heard stories from long ago of people going to banks, making a withdrawal, and then paying their friends with actual cash money.  You could send an e-transfer. Or maybe they’d take your Bitcoin. There’s options, just ask around.

What about timing? Can I buy tickets right now?

Well, it depends. What day is today?  Tickets go on sale to the public on Thursday, June 3.  There is a pre-sale opportunity for people who sign up for the AREA 506 newsletter at That will happen on Wednesday, June 2.  Those people will get a link sent to them by email  that they can click to buy tickets the day before everyone else. We would strongly encourage people to do that by clicking here.

If I buy a six or ten-person pod, will I need information about the other people in my pod when I purchase?

Nope.  Your purchase will give you the appropriate number of tickets, and you can distribute them how you wish.

Will I get to choose my pod location?

For sure. It will work like buying tickets for the movie theatre – you’ll get to choose the best location based on availability, and it’ll all be clearly laid out when it’s time to purchase.

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